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Winter is Coming! It’s Time to Prepare

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Winter is Coming! It’s Time to Prepare

Your AC unit has been putting in work all summer long by dealing with the treacherous heat, but now it’s time for your heater to put its work boots on to protect you from the falling temperatures. 

If you haven’t already, now is the time to ensure that your system is running efficiently so you can stay warm and snug this Winter. 


Like everything in life, preparation is key. Get your system maintenance done before the season starts to make sure your heating systems are running smoothly. 

Here’s a quick checklist of items to look over:

  • Change filters and assess the equipment on the side of your building to ensure maintenance is up to date. 
  • Check for reset schedules for the boiler to produce hot water. 
  • Check on stroking valves and your boiler to see the minimum sets on the outside air intake. 
  • Check your building envelope to ensure the window and doors are closing properly.
  • Determine if there are any areas that need professional help. 

Seasonal Changes 

For each season, your unit will work differently and will also require different maintenance routines. For the seasonal changes, it’s important that you monitor and schedule your equipment to accommodate the temperature and hourly rates. 

Utility charges are more severe during the Summer so thankfully during the Fall season, you can reduce your costs. Be aware of the weather fluctuations throughout the day as well. For example, mornings are usually cooler so you can set your heater on during those hours and afternoons are generally warmer, which requires cooling during the day. Knowing how the season’s temperature works will optimize efficiency and performance. 

Energy Conservation Terms 

Economizer: An economizer is a vent that opens to bring in outside air for cooling when the outside air is cool and dry. Fall is the perfect weather to take advantage of an economizer. Buildings can also be pre-cooled with using the outside air to run for warmer days. 

Locking out Air-Cooled Systems: This is another way to conserve energy and costs. As the temperatures start to fall you should lock out the equipment on your building’s air-cooled side.  This will prevent cooling demand charges since you won’t need much cooling for the colder weather. 

Planning Ahead 

Keep in mind that your equipment can breakdown at any time even with maintenance, so it’s important to always have a plan B and to review any Winter service agreements you have for your building.

With the right help from our Air Solutions professionals, we can get your systems up and running just in time for the Winter season. 

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