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Smart Thermostats: 3 Ways They Can Save You Money

||Smart Thermostats: 3 Ways They Can Save You Money

Smart Thermostats: 3 Ways They Can Save You Money

With each new day, technology advances further, and the HVAC industry is no exception. Many homeowners are upgrading their houses with “smart home technology,” including smart thermostats. If you’ve been considering adding a smart thermostat to your HVAC system, here is what you should know. The EPA reports that a smart thermostat can save you, on average, $180 per year in energy costs.

The Science Behind the Savings

Here’s how it works: if you set your thermostat one to two degrees hotter or warmer than usual, you’ll see an energy savings of one to three percent. Therefore, if you set your thermostat back ten to fifteen degrees while you’re away, your energy savings will skyrocket to around 10 percent.

While it is true that a simple programmable thermostat can help you do this too, most people don’t even remember to set them up. A recent study showed that almost 50% of households with programmable thermostats don’t even use them properly. The great thing about a smart thermostat, is they do the thinking for you. It never forgets, and actually learns your habits and uses them to save you money.

3 Ways a Smart ComfortLink Thermostat by Trane Can Save You Money

#1 They Learn Your Habits

The best thing about smart thermostats is they listen to your daily routine. You have to program the thermostat initially, but over time, your ComfortLink Thermostat will learn when you come and go, what temperatures you prefer at each time of day, and more. It even automatically adjusts your settings to ensure your home is the perfect temperature when you walk through the door after a long day. Some can also make changes based on humidity levels.

#2 They Monitor Usage

The ComfortLink Thermostat by Trane is always monitoring your usage, collecting data and sharing it with you at all times. The interface shows you how much energy you’re using and can estimate costs. This allows you to make any manual adjustments as needed. But the power of the thermostat is in the data. You cannot fix things if you don’t know they need to be fixed. With the data collection feature of a smart thermostat, you’re able to tweak your temperature and see the effects on your next energy bill. Armed with this vital information, you’ll be able to make smart and informed decisions on how to improve your energy efficiency and lower your utility costs.

#3 They Work Diligently While You’re Away

Many Trane systems conveniently switch to an eco setting while you’re away, automatically saving you money. Using sensors to detect when someone is home or your phone’s location to know when you’ve gone, your ComfortLink Thermostat can even turn your system off when you’re away for longer periods of time, turning it on again only when temperatures get dangerously high or low. This prevents major emergencies like frozen water pipes.

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