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Air Conditioning Myths You Shouldn’t Waste Your Energy On

||Air Conditioning Myths You Shouldn’t Waste Your Energy On

Air Conditioning Myths You Shouldn’t Waste Your Energy On

In Texas, you use your HVAC unit more often than not, meaning there are many different opinions and myths floating around about how to manage your heating and cooling. You may have heard or even believed some of the following myths. However, the important thing is to educate yourself about which is fact and which is fiction so you can truly save energy and money.

Myth #1: The Bigger the Unit, The Better

While the sizing of your unit is important, it really depends on the size of the space you’re trying to heat or cool. HVAC units are sized depending on the number of square feet they’re meant to heat or cool. If your unit is designed to control the temperature of a space that is too big, it will have to work extra hard to meet the demands set by you and your thermostat. If your space is too small for your unit, your AC will constantly turn on and off, wearing itself out. Pay close attention to the capacity of your unit. Bigger is not always better if your space is too small.

Myth #2: Your Home Will Cool Faster If You Turn the Temperature Way Down

Though it may seem like turning your thermostat down 20 degrees will help your home cool more quickly, this is not the case. Your unit will continue to work just as hard if you turn your temperature down 2 degrees or 20. The best way to cool your home is by setting the temperature to exactly what you want it to be, and no lower.

Myth #3: It Costs Less to Let My AC Run Until It Dies

While yes, the upfront cost of replacing your HVAC unit is high, it does not mean that you should let your inefficient or faulty system run until it finally gives out. An inefficient unit will actually cost you more in utility bills and repairs than if you were to just upgrade to a new,  highly-efficient unit.

Myth #4: Cold Air From Your AC Will Make You Sick

The fact is, viruses and bacteria cause diseases, not cool temperatures. If you’re worried about the cold, turn up your thermostat. However, cold temperatures are not to be blamed for any illness.

Myth #5: Changing Air Filters Is Unnecessary

Even if you are consistently cleaning your home with vacuums, mops, and dusters, you shouldn’t neglect your air filters. Your HVAC air filter is the first thing the air in your home goes through before you breathe it in. Keeping these clean by changing them regularly will not only save you on energy costs, but will keep your allergies at bay. If you’re struggling to find the right air filter, contact one of our HVAC specialists who can help you get a new air filter today.

Myth #6: Regular Maintenance Doesn’t Make a Difference

In order to ensure your unit is always performing at its highest level, regular maintenance is key. Routine check-ups at the beginning of every hot and cold season will ensure your system is saving you energy and money. It also allows for technicians to fix small problems before they become larger, more costly problems.

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